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    Metodo Classico Calende

    Spumante : Metodo classico

    Vineyard age : 20 years

    Cuveè : Blanc de blanc

    Production location : Vigneti in Aquileia località Colombara

    Description : Delicate, whole cluster pressing
    takes place in an inert atmosphere to prevent
    oxidation. The first fermentation is carried out in
    thermo-regulated stainless steel tanks. Classic
    secondary fermentation in the bottle as provided
    for the Sur-lie-aging for more than 24
    months to maintain the fragrance of the original
    wine intact. “Dosage” is kept to a minimum, so as
    not to alter the characteristics naturally conferred
    by highly favorable environmental factors, the
    prise de mousse and by an especially meticulous
    artisanal manufacturing process

    Organoleptic properties : Intensive and elegant Bouquet with scents of Golden Delicious.
    Balanced, fine vigor and great liveliness

    Pairings : Aperitif, salmon, fish dishes

    Dati analitici

    Acidita : 6,00

    Ph : 3,10

    sugars : 4 gr

    Alcool : 12,5%