Who we are

Our family has developed a certain philosophy which unites the careful valorization of our grapes with the contribution we have received from generations of familiarity with the land. In addition, we try to stay current with new developments in the field of oenological research.


Even though grandfather Igino and father Sabino have learned the art of cultivation directly in the fields and vineyards, Francesco brought a new perspective to an old art. Having studied oenology and worked in some of the most prestigious wineries in the Doc Aquileia region as well as Argentina and the United States, he was able to bring home new experiences and incorporate innovative technologies which he learned abroad.

The Senses

The life of generations between the vineyards and the winery, the earth and the barrels, have accustomed our senses to the colors, smells and flavors of the wines we make. We experience with our sight, smell, touch and taste. That is why we rely so much on our senses to make wine.

The Family

There is one element without which would be impossible to achieve success: passion. One who creates wine cannot do so without passion. This element is as strong in our family as the Roman stones which make up our home.