Doc Aquileia

Aquileia is a significant archeological site as well as a small rural town where our family lives cultivating the vineyards. It was once an important city in the Roman Empire and had already achieved notoriety for its wines at the time.
In 1975 the wines of Aquileia became protected by a conservation consortium that safeguards the fascinating mosaic of its native varieties.


Discover the rich territory that has become part of the UNESCO World Heritage site. It is easy to see how the ancient vineyards are still able to interpret the art of winemaking and recognize the rich traditions. The peace and tranquility will undoubtedly be appreciated by anyone who comes to visit.


Aquileia was founded in 181 BC by the order of Rome as it was a strategic location for trade and the intersection of fundamental communication channels with a thriving port. It also played an important religious role and became home to the homonymous patriarchate.